Procedures & Policies

Streamlined Energy has a tightly controlled Workplace, Health & Safety, Environmental Management and Quality Policy Statement that is in place for all works undertaken.

Workplace Health and Safety

Streamlined Energy is committed to the principle that all workplace injuries can and should be prevented. All Streamlined Energy employees and managers are required as part of their employment to accept their obligation to the company, fellow employees and customers to ensure that all operations under their care or control are carried out in a safe and efficient manner.

Streamlined Energy management required workplace health and safety to be regarded as an integral part of every company operation. Streamlined Energy management does not instruct nor require our employees to perform any duty that may cause harm to himself or herself or to any other individual.

It is the policy of Streamlined Energy to provide a safe and healthy work environment and to encourage and ensure an attitude of safety in all areas of its business for employees and subcontractors in compliance with the relevant legislation and the AS4801:2001 standard.

Streamlined Energy will monitor and audit its subcontractors to ensure they also provide a safe and healthy work environment.

At Streamlined Energy, we believe that:

  • The causes of accidents can be controlled;
  • The frequency of accidents can be constantly reduced.

To achieve this aim we:

  • Set measurable health and safety objectives;
  • Monitor our progress toward our objectives in by reviewing statistical reports quarterly management review meetings and take corrective and preventative measures as required;
  • Review our objectives regularly and at least annually;
  • Review our safety policy and the overall effectiveness of the integrated QMS annually;
  • Ensure staff are involved safety management through Toolbox training and safety consultation.

It is the responsibility of everyone, particularly Managers, to carry out this policy by utilising creative ideas and innovations.

Environmental Management Policy

The environment is a precious resource and Streamlined Energy considers its protection and conservation of importance in the conduct of the company’s activities. As community expectations increase and legislation becomes more pertinent, our focus on the environmental impact of our activities increases.

Streamlined Energy has developed the Environmental Management System to demonstrate to clients and the community the commitment of the company to responsible environmental management. Streamlined Energy environmental aim is to manage all activities in a manner that is environmentally responsible and to ensure the prevention of pollution.

To achieve this aim we will:

  • Ensure that all staff have the knowledge and facilities to fulfil their environmental responsibilities through Toolbox talks and training;
  • Ensure all activities comply with relevant legislation and policies and ISO14001:2015 as a minimum standard;
  • Set measurable environmental objectives;
  • Monitor our progress toward our objectives in by reviewing statistical reports quarterly management review meetings and take corrective and preventative measures as required;
  • Review our objectives regularly and at least annually;
  • Work with the community and relevant interest groups to ensure positive outcomes on significant environmental matters. All input regarding this environmental policy will be considered and implemented if deemed appropriate. Our Environmental Policy is posted to our web site for community access;
  • Streamlined Energy will review the Environmental Management System at least annually to ensure its’ effectiveness.

Quality Policy Statement

Streamlined Energy provide electrical cable jointing, testing and commissioning services predominantly within in the electricity and local government industries.

The objective of the Company is to supply customised long term services and solutions that are fit for use and have the desired quality in accordance with customer requirements and specifications, legal requirements and ISO 9001:2015. Our customers expect safe, reliable and optimum cost services and solutions, delivered on time.

To achieve the above objective and satisfy the customer expectations, the Company is totally committed to maintaining our Internal Quality Management System equivalent to AS/NZS ISO 9001, and our Environmental Management System, AS/NZS ISO 14001.

Quality problems arising in various areas are to be identified and solved with speed, technical efficiency and economy. We shall focus our resources, both technical and human, towards the prevention of quality deficiencies to satisfy the organisational goal of "right first time... every time". The Total Quality Management (TQM) philosophy of plan, do, check, act is core to our culture and processes.

In keeping with our TQM philosophy it is essential that we measure our performance against our objectives in our regular quarterly Management Review Meetings. Quality objectives shall be reviewed regularly and at least annually. The effectiveness of the overall QMS shall also be reviewed at least annually.

The successful operation of the system relies upon the co-operation and involvement of personnel at all levels. Our commitment to quality will ensure the continued success of our Company and the satisfaction of customers. All staff shall be inducted into the QMS and training provided in our regularly scheduled Toolbox meetings as the system improvements occur.

The appointed Streamlined Energy Quality Manager is authorised to ensure that the requirements of this Quality System are implemented. Any problems that cannot be resolved between personnel shall be brought to a Director's attention.